I’m Back + Chocolate: History & Worldwide Celebrations!

Hi all! I’m back after a pretty long absence…sorry! I sort of liken it to the fact I was hibernating for a long time…But anyhow, I am back and I promise lots more of interesting content to come! I could talk a bit more about being busy, work…etc, but we all know that would be a bore! So onwards to a delicious post!

I’m currently back  home in Europe for Christmas and so far my experience revolves around snow and consuming extensive amounts of delicious ‘wintry’ teas, mulled wine, local delicacies and unsurprisingly (if you know me) chocolate…

The place I’m at for the week had a local few days of Chocolate celebration, and of course being the glutton I am I hurried down to attend…It was a pretty crowded event and consisted of renowned local chefs offering free chocolate delights, ranging from devilish chocolate cake slices and pure chocolate balls to hot chocolate in a range of diverse and mouth-watering concoctions. (E.g. Lavender and honey ?!) Unsurprisingly crowded, the section of the event I visited  was held at a semi-professional photography exhibition, perfect for trying the chocolate while appreciating the lovely wildlife and landscape photography….A feast for two senses all in all!

Brief introduction to the History of Chocolate:

Chocolate’s origins can be traced back to the mesoamerican civilisations of the Aztecs & Mayans (not sure about the Incas) – The cacao plant was notable in both Mayan and Aztec civilisations – whilst it was rarer in the Aztec civilisation due to limitations mainly concerning climate (therefore gained cocoa from trade/spoils of war) the cocoa plant was so highly prized there that cocoa beans were used as currency! Within both civilisations a beverage created from the cocoa plant served a religious  ceremonial purpose but also a extravagant beverage of choice for the wealthy..

This beverage differed from the sweet taste we associate chocolate with –  it was rather,  a bitter, frothy concoction.

When the cocoa plant was introduced to Europe, the spanish created a cocoa powder – this  gained popularity Europe – the chocolate we know today, the bars and chocolate milk came when the cocoa plants and their powders were further experimented with and mixed with sugar and milk -In 1847 Fry & Sons of Bristol by mixing Sugar with Cocoa Powder and Cocoa Butter produced the first solid chocolate bar. Later in 1875 Swiss manufacturer Daniel Peters combined cocoa powder and cocoa butter with sugar then dried milk powder and voila! – He  produced the first milk chocolate!


Click for more info!

Chocolate Celebrations Around the World

The site above  has  more detailed explanations and links to each respective festivals website, but I just posted the countries and celebration and a few pictures just to offer a quick introduction to the love of Chocolate worldwide! All these events are on my  To Experiance list and once I visit them I’ll be sure to write a detailed review post! Have you been to any of these? If you have feel free to  share your experience in the comments, I’d love to hear about it!

Chocolate Show –  New York USA

In general, it seems to show unique and creative uses for Chocolate ranging from Chocolate fashion and art sculptures to live demonstrations by chocolatiers! It offers also a kid-zone and a ‘Chocolate Beauty Pavilion’ (lotions, cosmetics and CHOCOLATE MASSAGES! In addition to that all, there are unsurprisingly delicious gourmet chocolate treats to try and tantalize your taste-buds with! For example have you heard of Chocolate Wine!? With all this info, I’m currently inclined to immediately book a plane ticket to New York for next year…



Yet for something closer to home, I also discovered luckily from  from the wonderful blog Journeys Near and Far  that there is an international schedule:

Hopefully, if one of these locations is near you! I’ve got my eye on the Spain event, considering it’s closer and consequently more affordable than the Big Apple…also time-wise, it’s shorter luckily!


JAPAN: January- February, 2010

Shanghai, CHINA: January15-17, 2010

Madrid, SPAIN: April 9-11, 2010


Chocolate Wine!

Chocolate Wine!











Eurochocolate: Umbria, Italy

Taking place in Perugia, this is one of the largest chocolate festivals amassing yearly almost 1 million excited chocolate lovers  both locals, and tourists! The event includes cooking classes,  live entertainment, live chocolate sculpting, art… and of course tasting!




















Choco-Late Festival: Brugge, Belgium

Offers art & sculptures but unlike the two above also offers a Chocolate museum and the chance to paint with chocolate for kids and even professional chocolate body painting!

4185933166_112ab79b29_b a_chocolat_belg-b

Click for more info about Chocolate festivals globally!

 I have this theory that chocolate slows down the aging process…. It may not be true, but do I dare take the chance? – Chocolate Day Quotes

Now…as you can undoubtedly see from this post, I adore chocolate…  My favorite chocolates are pretty much all the Lindt Chocolate and I’m a lover of both dark and milk chocolate, and combinations involving flavours like hazelnuts & cherries…and of course my ultimate favorite chocolate  and lifelong addiction – Ferrero Rocher!

Your turn! Do you love chocolate? Or maybe you don’t? If so, the please share why! I’m incredibly curious..

If you are a fellow chocoholic, what sort of chocolate do you adore? Dark or milk? Plain or flavoured? Are you a Classic Cadbury? A Lady Godiva fan? A Toblerone follower? Or maybe a Ferror Rocher addict?

A fairly gluttonous topic, but hey tis the season for Joy!

Maria xxx


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8 Responses to I’m Back + Chocolate: History & Worldwide Celebrations!

  1. Sheila says:

    I love any and all kinds of chocolate! Milk, dark, by itself or with just about anything. I’ve even just recently encountered chocolate wine and it’s incredibly good. Whoever thought of that must be a genius. I really enjoyed your chocolate tour and of course now I’m craving chocolate. I might have to at least find some hot chocolate around here!

    • I look forward to trying it! I seems to good to be true, and i agree they really must be! Thank you for your kind words and I hope you found some hot chocolate! After I finished this post I immediately made a yummy chocolate cake. Chocolate really is a lovely addiction! 😛

  2. petit4chocolatier says:

    Heaven post of chocolate. I have never tried chocolate wine but may now. Love the celebrations!!

  3. I AM 100% hooked on your blog.. thanks..I needed it.

  4. Anita Mac says:

    Welcome back! And great chocolate post! My neighbour just gave me a box of chocolate truffles (don’t you just love Christmas!!!) and I am so excited. Intrigued by the chocolate wine…love chocolate liqueur and chocolate wraps at the spa….but wine? Interesting.

    • Thank you! 🙂 Ohh have fun, I love getting chocolate for presents! There really is so much delicious excitement in trying them! Chocolate spa wraps? How intriguing…! Chocolate seems to be more therapeutic than I thought!

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