2013 New Year Travelutions

Happy New Year all! (albeit belated) I hope you all had wonderful new year celebrations, are incredibly excited to start the new year and that 2013 will be full of adventures & joyous wonderful moments!

The new year seemed like it’s the checkpoint I was waiting for – now last year seems like a different life. Now all my planning is taking top speed and now my ‘dreams’ and wish-lists, all endlessly compiled during my break moments last year are finally coming into action! I’m relatively free to experience the world, to have adventures big and small and in between,  to create, suck up knowledge, read, play music, watch films, and in general enjoy myself and live to the fullest…and of course indulge fully in my greatest love: travel!

Packed & Ready!

Packed & Ready!

Oh yeah…I’m ecstatically excited.

Adventures await and I decided that I should be some what organised with my plans – otherwise I’ll just spend my un-defined time re-reading A Song of Ice & Fire, watching Death Note and How I Met your Mother reruns and baking…(a lot!) (Well…not that there’s anything wrong with those!) 😛

This year I’m in Europe and oh boy do I plan to travel! My official plan to travel throughout Europe commences in February…so now I figure I’ll be physically able to start checking some of these dreams and must-have-adventures off my list!

I have a much bigger list on general ‘adventures to have (a.k.a. Things to Do Everything & Anything),’ to be posted later this month…but it’s just too big to accomplish this year where I’ll essentially just be in Europe. For that reason I took a some of the European centred adventures from my list with the aim of checking them off this year! I had to be choosey espeacilly considering certain events overalping and my lack of teleportation skills! This is not by any means all I want to do with my 2013 European trip, (I have a colossal list of places to visit/things to do in Europe safely wandering in my head) but this is a simple collection of a few main events/things that I plan to with my utmost determination to experience this year!

So without further ado, here are my 2013 New Year Travelutions! ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈

(Prone to many more additions!*)

  1. Cycle in Amsterdam with no destination in mind
  2. Croatian Island hop
  3. Go on a horse tour in Italy
  4. Attend the Carnival di Venezia
  5. Do a Pub Tour in Prague
  6. Visit Barcelona’s architectural masterpieces
  7. Visit Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria, Germany
  8. Drink one beer mug at Oktoberfest
  9. Attend the Ivrea Orange Festival, Ivrea, Italy, (8 Mar 2013)
  10. Get lost in Venezia
  11. Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower
  12. Learn to Scuba Dive
  13. Cycle through provence-alpes-côte d’azur
  14. Go Sky Diving near trakoscan castle in Croatia
  15. Visit the Catacombs of Palermo, Italy
  16. Go on a Husky Sled Tour to see the Northen Lights
  17. Attend Glastonbury Music Festival (last week in June.)
  18. Learn flamenco dancing in Andalucía, Spain
  19. Experience white nights in Leningrad
  20. Volunteer & make a difference
  21. Attend the Mera Luna Festival in Germany
  22. Go to the 2013 Rock en Siene festival in France
  23. Attend La Tomatina, Buñol, Valencia, Spain (29 August)
  24. Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day (March 17) in Ireland
  25. Watch CALCIO STORICO, Florence, (Italy 24 Jun – 24 Jun 2013)
  26. Visit Pisa.
  27. Visit Postojna cave,  Slovenia ✓
  28. Explore Montmartre, France
  29. hang glide/ canoe in Switzerland,
  30. Experience the view from a sunset stroll to Piazzale Michelangelo
  31. Visit Murano island in Venice
  32. Wander through Vienna
  33. Ski in the Croatian Platak.

And there are a few other resolutions that I can now devote my time to as well! So here are some General 2013 Resolutions

  1. Finish a Movie Script
  2. Learn Italian (to a fluent level)
  3. Finish a novel
  4. Improve at Guitar
  5. Create an underwater photography album
  6. Start painting again.

Life has began – cliché undoubtedly, but still true!

Do you have any new year travelutions? If you can think of any wonderful events/places that should definitely be on the list and please share!

With love, packed suitcases and many exciting adventures to come,

Maria xxx

One of my secret loves: vintage travel posters!

vintage travel poster london england travel063vintage travel poster venice italy


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11 Responses to 2013 New Year Travelutions

  1. I love the name of your blog by the way. Adventures and tea. What’s not to like?

  2. Sheila says:

    Those are great Travelutions! I’ve only done a couple of them – Pisa and getting lost in Venezia. The getting lost part is really easy to do there. We have a few similar resolutions (learning Italian and guitar/fiddle). Wishing you all the best in 2013!

    • Thank you! Oh lucky! Haha I believe you about that – for myself, who has absolutely no sense of direction getting lost shouldn’t pose much of a problem! Likewise wishing you the best for this year and utmost luck with conquering your resolutions! Buona fortuna! 😉

  3. I sincerely hope you get to do all those things!!! Do let me know when you get to my city, Paris!

    As for travel this year for me…the goal is to move to a larger apartment, so we may travel across Paris!! LOL! Maybe a little getaway this summer…perhaps Italy.

    • PS…I am a fellow tea addict!!!

    • Thank you! I plan to put 100% into achieving these travelutions, hopefully it will be so! 🙂 Oh lucky, you live in Paris!! I’m a little bit envious, it must be wonderful to live there! I’m very much looking forward to visiting Paris this year! The timing is still undefined but I’m thinking of going ahead with my tour of France during Spring possibly 🙂 Both of your travel plans do sound quite fun! Just walking through Paris is magical, I wish you the best of luck with exploring Paris and finding a larger and lovely apartment! I also hope your getaway takes place! Italy is simply divine! 🙂

      • Merci! I do love Italy, but have hardly seen much of it. But anywhere there is a beach and sun is just fine for me!!! 😉 Happy travels to you dear. ~Melissa

  4. Subhan Zein says:

    Great travelutions! May you achieve them all. And don’t forget to share the excitement with us along the way. 🙂

    Subhan Zein

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