Winter Loves

Ever since I began watching/reading A Song of Ice and Fire I openly use the expression that I’m a summer child. I love summer…swimming, not wearing 10 layers of clothes, wearing my summer dresses, actually being able to make myself get out of bed on time! I simply adore summer. Winter is beautiful as well…but not my cup of tea, I guess. Summer is  greatly preferred!  Yet Winter is reaching it’s end soon (sort off…maybe my hopes are too high) so I thought I’d do a quick “Things I Love Doing During Winter.” (Despite my preference of summer, there are quite a few winter loves I have)

And so, in no particular order my winter loves…voila!

1. Scented Candles.

I’m generally a huge scented candles fan but winter is my 1# season! I go crazy! Especially the warm vanilla, winterberry and cinnamon scents! Yum!

2. Snow!

From photography, skiing to snowball fights! Some things won’t change!

3. Watching the snow fall.

There’s something so serene and beautiful about seeing a familiar (or unfamiliar) landscape covered in softly falling snow.

4. Cuddly Blankets.

Nothing better than a warm soft blanket to cuddle inside in with whilst watching a good movie or reading! Bonus points if combines with 5#

5. Big books &  winter teas.

Imagine a beautiful stormy winters day. And reading a wonderful huge book whilst sipping a lovely cup of tea….Need I say more? 😉 Heaven…

6. Winter Knitwear (usually from the mens section)

Winter in my opinion is a season created specifically for knitwear  Or I guess you could view it the other way round, I’m not too fussed, but either way the two are simply made for each other!

Now I’m a girl and I regulary in Winter buy men clothes…hey! The patterns are cooler – I don’t need 500 grams of sparkles. I like nice winter earthy tones; dark blues and reds and greens. And what catches my eye is the mens section, where they actually exist! I also don’t need a jumper that exists to suffocate you. I usually prefer quite oversized jumpers espeacilly since in winter you’re likely to be wearing multiple layers under that! 😛 To me an oversized jumper is a good jumper!

I’ve noticed that they’re suprinsgley also usually better quality with higher amounts of wool…etc. In the shops I frequent the girls section have a lower percent while mens wear is commonly higher… full to 50%, but commonly at 80%.

9.The  atmosphere of a beautiful fire.

10. Baking.

I always bake in winter…I love it! Especially Christmas cakes and cookies. This also unfortunately also explains my winter weight gain…

11. Going to cafes…

I love the winter cafe atmosphere. I either go with friends and family…or my myself even with a good book.

12. Winter drinks.

Hot chocolates varieties…mulled wines…(warm apple cider which i have yet to try but heard its good)…the list goes on and on. Make cafe’s even funner!

Your turn now! Are you a summer child or a fan of winter? Either way, what are your winter loves?

Maria xxx

Some of my 2013 winter photography

Another 2013 winter photograph

A photo I took this winter of a lovely landscape covered in snow.

A photo I took this winter of a lovely landscape covered in snow.


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4 Responses to Winter Loves

  1. Sheila says:

    I love all these wintery things – especially watching the snow fall while sitting by the fire with a good book. The hibernation part of it can be fun and this is definitely the time to try some mulled cider! But I think I like summer better too. The days are longer and it’s easier to get out and find adventures anywhere. I’ll keep looking forward to those days while watching the snow fall. 🙂

    • Exactly! Winter days are lovely but summer just well…rules. I still can’t get over how quickly winter days go by 😦 With summer their are few limitations on how you want your day to be! You can go for a swim or a bike ride to a lovely park and have a picnic! Summer is simply wonderful! 🙂

  2. Sheila says:

    Those are nice snow pictures too – do you live in an arctic zone by any chance? I guess it feels that way in most places this winter.

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