One of my favorite foreign Backpfeifengesicht. Its German, for ‘A face badly in need of a fist.’

You have to admit…there will always be people like who are Backpfeifengesicht in your life. Not saying you’d necessarily ever hit them, but there are some people who you do feel would sorely benefit from it. There are luckily very  few in my life now… but allowing me to term it like that allows me a hearty inward chuckle every now and then.


Backpfeifengesicht No.1



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I'm just a girl who loves adventure! This blog will be a place where I write about anything and everything that is fun, amusing, fascinating and intersting! There's no real order to this blog, and currently it is just a chaotic collection of random ramblings. But hopefully during my journey I'll figure out what exactly it is that i'm doing... ;) Feel free to take a peek around, enjoy and I hope that you find something that interests you!
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2 Responses to Backpfeifengesicht

  1. Snigdha says:

    Haha. Thanks for teaching me that word! Though I doubt I’ll be able to remember the spelling.

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