A lunch and wedding at the medieval town of Barberino.

We rented bikes and set of to explore chianti. Our destination? The medieval village of Barberino! Biking up and down the rolling hills, faced with a postcard view, we finally with the help of an extremely friendly old Italian man reached the medieval village. Apart from occasional cars, it really seemed as if time had not touched the town at all, the light  almost brown bricks and just oh so Italian charm.

217 223


We had a delicious lunch of Pasta with sage and butter and then cycled off. A local wedding was taking place at the church and it offers a little humour in my heart to know in some local families wedding album that their friends or grandchildren might look at one day, there will be three random and exhausted, sweaty but incredibly happy bikers, enjoying their pistachio and chocolate gelato in the shade in the background of some of those pictures.




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