A Taste of Paris

Paris. The word itself sums up beauty and magic…a grand city with spectacular buildings and romance and mystery in every corner. Well at least for my little romantic, idealistic heart! Now…how to describe my week in Paris?

Well…it was a mixture of beauty, of history, of culture… of daily adventures- of mornings spent in cafes trying the freshly baked croissants  that lived up to their reputation,   enjoying a petite gateaux a day, of a an tiny cramped elevator we barely fit in, of walks by the seine, overdosing on art and history a bottles of french wine, pulling all nighters for Nuit Blanche 2013, buying macaroons to give them to the homeless,  the friendly Parisians we encountered, walking down beautiful alleys with amazing buildings and monuments at every turn, attending violin concerts framed by the exquisitely detailed windows of Saint Chapelle, practically living in the Shakespeare & Company bookshop in the latin quarter were we would sit in utter, content silence reading with a room of complete strangers with their own stories, all of us melting into the old ragged couches falling into our books while a light breeze would flutter the room and the notre dame church watched over us from the window. breathing in paris from the heights of the l’arc de triomphe, evening strolls through the latin quarter, trying to speak french to a kind response, eating numerous vendor crepes with nutella, always a shared cheerful Bonjour or Bonsoir, befriending the local cafe waitress who sneaked us free macaroons and made our nightly hot chocolates as we chatted with her over the meaning of local radio hits. (the main one is currently playing in the very cafe i am sitting in writing this blog post..Passenger- Let her go 🙂 )

A walk in the path by the Eiffel Tower!

A walk in the park  by the Eiffel Tower!


The night of Nuit  Blanche! Stay up all night for culture! :)

The night of Nuit Blanche! Stay up all night for culture! 🙂


Le Tour Eiffel et moi

Le Tour Eiffel et moi


View from L'arc de Triomphe

View from L’arc de Triomphe


Always look up in European museums! You're sure to be in awe!

Always look up in European museums! You’re sure to be in awe!

Shakespeare & Co

Shakespeare & Co

Saint Chapelle...the setting of the concert that featured Vivaldis works.

Saint Chapelle…the setting of the concert we attended that featured Vivaldi pieces.



Beautiful Paris

Beautiful Paris

Paris was an adventure. I had heard good things and bad things, scary tales, and romantic dreams…but nothing compared me for falling head over heels in love with this city. I’ll update more specific and detailed blog posts later…but this messed jumble of words is my experience of Paris in a blur…I had in a sense only a brief taste of Paris, the beginning of what will begum a great love affair with a city that swept me off my feet.


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