Aspiring Tastes

Every time I walk into T2, a tea store in Australia, I have to try the teas on display.

Always. I awkwardly line up if I need to. Or otherwise I bring my ‘acting skills’ into play and feign interest in the products around me. Yes I need my 22nd colourful kaleidoscopic teacup. Totally.


A wild Maria appears in T2

It often ends with conversation with the lovely attendants and I assure you my interest is not feigned then – “how do you get it to taste like this?” I ask, half the time a mixture of disbelief and curiosity. I’m drinking a creamy, slightly yet not overly sweet tea with beautiful notes of whatever was promised by the respective tea..nuts, chai, chocolate, caramel, vanilla.

Brew, soy milk, honey is the answer that follows.

I go home, the purchased tea box travelling with me and giving me as much excitement on the home commute as if I was carrying the promise of Christmas tomorrow.

Once home, I fly into the kitchen, the kettle boils and the mug/teacup is chosen. Once the tea brews, I add the honey and soy milk* tasting as I go a long. And more often than not I fail to get the heavenly creamy earthy tea. I try so many different variations, altering the brewing time, the sweetness, the ratios – but never seem to achieve the mythic taste of the concoction I had instore.

I’ve narrowed it down to three potential options.

One, I could be still getting the ratios wrong.

Two, maybe there is the role of the experience of the shop as well – maybe the small tasting cup and a the experience that screams of exotic teas everywhere influenced my tasting of the tea as something unique and limited to a certain place, hard to achieve without the expertise of the tea shop.

Or option three – dark magic.

Anyhows, I shall mull over it as I brew – Updates shall follow if success does 😉 . How are you guys finding this? Am I dramatizing it? Is it unique to me? Ideas and help are welcome!

Take care beautiful people, speak soon.

Maria Rose xx

*As I was writing this I switched browsers to choose another song. Coming back to the blog post I saw “I add the honey and soy” – I was a little bit confused for a few seconds trying to conceptualise a tea with honey and soy sauce.


Yet certain teas are still delicious sans any additives. Merci Mariage Frere!


About Adventures & Tea

I'm just a girl who loves adventure! This blog will be a place where I write about anything and everything that is fun, amusing, fascinating and intersting! There's no real order to this blog, and currently it is just a chaotic collection of random ramblings. But hopefully during my journey I'll figure out what exactly it is that i'm doing... ;) Feel free to take a peek around, enjoy and I hope that you find something that interests you!
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2 Responses to Aspiring Tastes

  1. Kat & Jiji says:

    T2 is the best!!!! 🙂

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